the shark detector

To help identify shark species from images and videos, the Shark Detector is an artificial intelligence trained on sharkPulse records. It can classify 47 species of sharks. Submit more images to boost the Shark Detector’s accuracy and taxonomic range! 

You can also submit your pictures via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Panoramio, and other social media. To use your favorite social media sites to submit photos, please use the hashtag #sharkPulse so we can retrieve the information from the web. 


Upload underwater footage to detect and classify shark species!
  • Compatibility MP4 (Google Chrome)
  • Resolution <30 FPS recommended
  • Size <1GB
Upload sightings of sharks to classify their species, and submit photos to sharkPulse 
  • Location Where was the shark sighted?
  • Date
  • Guess the species 
  • Email Provide us with your email if we have questions about the sighting

Download our flyers!

Although you have not been lucky enough to see one of these beautiful animals, you can still help us! Contribute to the research downloading the Shark Pulse flayers and share them with your friends. Post them up in your neighborhood, school, workplace, diving center, everywhere and help us to spread our project!