Shark Photo Hunt



Anytime during July 25 – 31, sharkPulse users can validate records and submit original images of shark sightings. Create an account and interact with our website to earn points. Different interactions award various points, and you can check that system out below!

Track how you compare to other users by checking our public leadership dashboard throughout the week. At the end of the competition, the sharkPulse team will analyze our data to verify the earned points. Afterwards, we will announce and contact the top three competitors to award prizes!

Earning Points

Submitting an original photo of a wild shark sighting – 50 points

Is this a shark? Yes/No – 3 points

Common name OR species name – 3 points

Common name AND species name – 5 points

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List assesses global species to better understand the state of the world’s biodiversity. Once your shark species has been identified in our validation monitor, its IUCN Status will award additional points.

Species is Least Concern2 points

Species is Near Threatened3 points

Species is Vulnerable5 points

Species is Endangered7 points

Species is Critically Endangered10 points

Species is Data Deficient – 10 points

Species is Rare (species makes up less than 1% of our database records) – 5 points

Video Walkthroughs

Using the Validation Monitor

Submitting a Photo


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Moment Tele and Wide Lens Phone Camera Attachments


Underwater Phone Housing


Photo Submission

1. A valid photo submission may be an original photo taken by yourself or others (digitized through a scanner or already in digital format) or sourced from the internet. Before submitting a photo, check that it is not already in our database. To do so, search the location and/or species present in your photo on our Pulse Monitor (, and see if the photo is already present.

2. Photos must be of sharks, dead or alive, in the wild, in a fish market, landed on deck or stranded on the shore, or on a fishing boat. Invalid sharks are those in aquaria or any other tank, museum, or any other expositional container where there is no link between their original and current locations.


1. Only one user per account is allowed. Each individual may only sign up using one email address.

2. If points are accumulated without being logged in, they will not count towards the competition. 

3. Users may sign up and participate anytime between July 25 and July 31 to compete. 


1. Species names must be spelled correctly in order to get points for the species and/or common name when validating records.

2. The competition will run from 12:00 am on Monday, July 25 to 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 31. Any points accumulated outside of this window will not be counted towards the competition.

3. All points will be reviewed by the sharkPulse team. If it is determined that a user earned points while violating these guidelines, the sharkPulse team has the right to deduct those points.