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July 25-31

Compete for prizes by validating shark sightings and submitting photos of sightings 

What is sharkpulse?

SharkPulse is a mobile and web application

SharkPulse is a crowdsourcing platform developed to involve citizen scientists in monitoring global wild shark populations. Mobile and web apps, available in the Apple Store and Google Play store and through this portal, allow users to report shark sightings to us. We are also interested in any previous shark sighting photos or videos you may have!

SharkPulse aims to collect shark photo sightings from around the world to support research on ecology and conservation and increase public awareness of shark conservation status.

SharkPulse’s vision is to build a worldwide observer network where everyone can contribute to taking the pulse of global shark populations. Over six billion smartphones are currently in use around the world and they can be seen as electrodes of a pulse-monitoring machine capable of constantly taking wild shark pictures and communicating the GPS location to our database.

The initiative targets different kinds of ocean users and makes heavy use of social media to boost user participation and image collection. People can share shark sightings in different ways through SharkPulse applications or social networks. When the hashtag #sharkPulse is included in a posting of an image of a shark sighting, the user allows the SharkPulse team to detect and collect sightings from any social network.

Who can participate?


Have you had an amazing whale watching trip and been lucky enough to see a shark? Share your pictures with us by using the SharkPulse mobile app, via our website, or on our social media pages!*


When you see a shark during fieldwork out at sea, just snap a photo and upload it to our database with the SharkPulse mobile app, via our website, or on our social media pages!*
If you are a shark scientist and want to assist us in validating the identity of shark sightings, please contact


Do you have pictures of sharks taken with your underwater camera? Share your pictures with us by using the SharkPulse mobile app, via our website, or on our social media pages!*


Are you a surfer, sailor, beachgoer, or fisherman? When along the coast or out at sea snap a photo of any shark you encounter. Share your pictures with us by using the SharkPulse mobile app, via our website, or on our social media pages!* Our shark scientists will verify and store your valuable sighting in our database.

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Whale Watchers

Why you should help us?

Many shark populations are declining and exploitation of their populations has rapidly escalated, mainly due to an increased demand for shark fins from Asian markets. Conservative estimates suggest that between 27 and 100 million sharks are killed each year because of fishing. These estimates are conservative because a large portion of fishing mortality is unreported or conducted illegally.

Because sharks are characterized by slow population dynamics (slow growth rate, late sexual maturity, and low fecundity), they are vulnerable to even minimal levels of exploitation. Consequently, as an effect of historical unintentional fishing, and more recent targeted exploitation, sharks became the most threatened group of animals in the ocean.

Exacerbating this problem, sharks are also one of the most data-decient groups of animals on the planet. A quarter of the extant shark species are threatened with extinction, and about half do not have enough data on abundance and distribution to inform their conservation status. Such a condition is hampering management and conservation. We know sharks are exploited at a fast and unsustainable rate, but we do not know how many sharks are left and for how lon

sharkPulse in numbers!

top 5 species

1,218 Records

1,017 Records

922 Records

873 Records

838 Records

Photo records
Identified species
Species Coverage

Conservation Status of our species

# of Species

CR - Critically Endangered3.2%
EN - Endangered5.2%
VU - Vulnerable17.4%
NT - Near Threatened17.4%
LC - Least Concern34.2%
DD - Data Deficient21%
Not Assessed by IUCN1.6%

# of Records

CR - Critically Endangered1.2%
EN - Endangered6.8%
VU - Vulnerable24.5%
NT - Near Threatened27.5%
LC - Least Concern26.5%
DD - Data Deficient8%
Not Assessed by IUCN1%

Note: 5% of the records has not been identified to species level

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*You can also submit your pictures via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Panoramio, and other social media. When posting pictures on your favorite social media, please use the hashtag #sharkPulse so we can easily retrieve them from the web. If you prefer to email your photos to us, please use: